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The Nineties.



The Nineties.




Giulia: Stussy sweater, Adidas Originals pants, Wemoto cap, Vagabond shoes

Pietro: Vans Jacket, DRMTM pants, Dr Martens boots




Alberto: Vans Denim Jacket, Adidas Originals pants, Wemoto cap

Giulia: Vans Overalls, Stussy top



Adidas Originals Top, Puma pants, Vans hat


Stussy World Tribe sweater




Giulia: Adidas Originals Jkt, Stussy top

Alberto: Adidas x HYKE Jkt, WEMOTO cap, Stussy World Tribe sweater



The Nineties.

Many have idealized and often taken inspiration from the 90’s. From its vivid colors to the cuts and all that iconography that has already been diluted by many of the “high street” fast fashion brands worlwide. In 1991 I moved to the US right after the mediatic beating of Rodney King. Along with oversize cut off jeans, small skateboard wheels and hats with flat bills you could breathe some heavy violent energy and indignation. In the 90’s many fanatic movements within certain musical genres have brought senseless physical attacks. Even the attitude within the skateboarding world was absurd as it was surrounded by the cynincal with homeless people being set on fire in vidoes and cats burned to death. Sure the medias were full of Spice Girls, Friends, Beverly Hills 90210 and other nonsense but i remember those years as the years of militant struggle and way too many murders. I used to work at the MGM in Las Vegas when Tupac was assassinated. That was pure shit. One of those things to forget. Sure it’s fun to celebrate banalities of the mainstream back then but belive me, all those subcultures that have now been reintepreted and idealized were everthing BUT empty.

by Fabio J. Raffaeli


art direction Fabio J. Raffaeli
photo Ivan Cazzola
models Giulia Donati e Alberto Medda
agency Wave Management e Joy Model Management
clothing selection hannibalstore.it

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