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Making the ground fertile for new ideas.



Making the ground fertile for new ideas.


by Riccardo Balbo | director Ied Torino


The term “hybrid” is often used to indicate a lack of purity or a change in the way we conceive the destiny, no longer predictable. “Hybrid” implies an immutable zero state from which we can start to mix elements. Languages, vegetables, music genres, market sectors, types of vehicle. Everything. The hybridizer’s approach is highly rich: technology evolves through hybridization, as well as literature, design and arts do. We implicitly state that the evolution of things already envisages their temporary failure, their crisis and their abandonment: there are no rigorous borders, no fixed patterns.

The crisis-comparison- contamination scheme meets the need of improvement and renovation, upon which the survival of human being is based. The contamination among disciplines- as all types of contamination- implies courage, uncertainty and critics. However it makes the ground fertile for new ideas.

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