Overground Magazine

From Underground to Overground



Overground: Urbanity and Creativity, visible.


by Riccardo Balbo | Director Ied Torino


For many of us, born between the 60’s and the 70’s underground was a contradictory and fascinating world full of light. Dark basements and mouldy garages, abandoned or squatted to our dads (sometimes secretly proud), became the urban playground where anyone was giving himself the chance of being adult with a different route, sharing dreams and aspirations with friends and likeminded people. Thousands of songs, visual experiments, fashion trends and movies “laying beneath” have been seeded underground in those years, and in that darkness many of them found the light they deserved. The role of a school of creativity is not only training students: is more about fostering the growth of the community of young designers at large, supporting them in the exciting adventure of improving the world and expressing themselves through innovative ideas. To help talents and ideas to emerge it’s what we like to do, bringing them under the sun and over the ground. Overground is this: IED Turin way to give urban creativity and young designers a place to gather talent and build up its awareness and identity, and the chance to be exposed to the light of the world.


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